About us

We at Arbor Antwerp care about our future and the planet. That's why we use eco-friendly fibers and donate a part of our earnings to tree nurseries.  

Sustainability is more than that. That's why we also care a lot about the people that are involved. A fair supply chain, no child labour and normal wages all come together in a safe atelier in Portugal. 

Not every collection is made the same. We'll mention the specific features on sustainability and consciousness explicitly in the descriptions. You can also have a look here to learn more about the difference between various certifications. 

We are against mass production, unconscious buying and overconsumption. All our collections are limited, because we avoid overstocks. Every piece is finished by hand with great care. No harmful substances and no pesticides are being used. 

All of this results in exclusive and high quality products.

Designed in Antwerp with passion // made in Portugal with care.