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About us

Arbor Antwerp was founded by two students from Antwerp who wanted to make a difference in the streetwear scene.

In the meantime, we are several years down the road and have grown into the brand we are today.


Our mission is to make the best possible combination between streetwear and sustainability and to improve on this every day.


So Arbor stands for sustainability, but also for quality and durability. We encourage you to step away from the (over)consumption culture and think more often about the products you buy. Invest in quality. Wear longer. Buy less, but better.


What we certainly never want to pursue are mass production and fast fashion.

Therefore, our collections are rather small and exclusive, which also guarantees great quality.


Our Atelier is in Portugal, so everything is made in Europe. All the hands that touch our products during the production process are paid fairly, have a decent workplace available and are never exposed to harmfull substances because they are simply not used.

We are not only sustainable, but also conscious and ethical.


We want to be as transparent and close to you as possible. If you have any questions, comments, love letters, hate etc, never hesitate to contact us.


You can always reach us on instagram @arborantwerp and/or


We love you

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